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We are heading into a new paradigm of abundance, will you take the ride or will you be left behind, watching others seize the opportunities that come with it?

Embracing this transformative era of abundance requires proactive decision-making, continuous learning, and a willingness to explore uncharted territories.

So, the question remains: will you take the ride and shape your own destiny, if so join us and witness the incredible journey of innovation and thrive in this new reality!



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Learn The Blue Print..

The Foundations.

Setting up exchanges, wallets, and
the importance of being early into undervalued projects.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Long-term Crypto investing and how to find undervalued coins.

Find the right opportunities.

Use our personal research that saves you years and teaches you the methods we used to start and scale online businesses for the last 7 years

Recession-proofing your finances.

Learn profit and exit strategies and what to invest in during a recession.
Principals for successful crypto trading!
Avoiding what causes 90% of traders to lose money.

Fool-proofing your financial independence plan.

Build your portfolio and learn diversifying techniques.

Steps to generate passive income through assets!

Understand how to create a short-term and long-term portfolio along with predictable financial security through passive income.
Where to begin investing.
Learn exchanges and how to keep Crypto safe with long-term storage & security.
What does Web2 & Web3 mean?
Lean on our expertise to understand the transition from Web2 to Web3 .


Before vs After

  • Limited knowledge of Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

  • Unsure about how to buy, sell, or trade digital assets

  • Little to no understanding of the concept of decentralization

  • Struggling to optimize profits in the cryptocurrency market

  • Uncertain about identifying the best investment opportunities

  • Understanding Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

  • Buy, Sell and Trade with Confidence

  • Learn the Power of Decentralization

  • Maximize profits through methodologies

  • Understand the Best Investment Opportunities

Learn The Mindset..

Emotional awareness during spikes and dips

Understand risk vs reward

Master the human psychology of investing

Sustainable wealth creation in economic and energetic turbulence

Gain control over your resistance and anxiety around financial blockages

Breaking down the old monetary system + new decentralized wealth creation

Tap into sustainable wealth instead of the rollercoaster of high and low income

Learn the best of what we’ve learned and done to go from $0 to 6-figure portfolio in a matter of just a few years

We're going into the future

Discover how you can leverage crypto to achieve financial freedom

Unlock the potential of financial freedom by delving into the world of cryptocurrency with us. Discover the strategies and insights needed to leverage digital assets effectively, whether you're a novice or an experienced investor.

Embrace the decentralized revolution, seize opportunities, and pave your way towards unparalleled financial independence.


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"This crypto course has truly revolutionized my approach to digital assets, offering invaluable insights and practical strategies that have empowered me to confidently navigate the ever-changing crypto landscape and achieve substantial financial growth. In my five decades of experience, I've never encountered such a comprehensive and enlightening resource – a true game-changer for anyone looking to secure their financial future in the digital age."

- Danielle Myles

"At 30, I thought I had a good handle on my finances, but this crypto course opened my eyes to a world of opportunities I never knew existed. The practical insights and expert guidance provided me with the confidence to dive into the crypto market. Now, I'm not just investing; I'm strategically growing my wealth, shaping a better financial future for myself and my family. This course is a must for anyone looking to elevate their financial game in today's dynamic digital economy."

- Josh Alves

"This crypto course has given me the tools and confidence as a single mother to navigate the digital financial landscape, ensuring a secure future for my family."

- Julie Throng


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Meet Chris O'Brien

Now a retired professional athlete and now full time serial Entrepreneur, I have taken my skills into business, finances, direct sales, marketing, branding, public speaking and now teacher and educator of Digital Assets and overall financial health.

I pride myself on giving back, and share all the things I have learned in my life through my ups and downs, and simplifying this wisdom. Sharing a new way to perceive our world and a new way of living life that will help you come out better.

With over 4+ years of experience now in the Crypto space, it's time to bring in a new wave of adopters to the technology and opportunities that present themselves for those that are ready.

Some recent success from COB:

  • Generated $10,000,000 in revenue from Sales / marketing

  • Has helped 12+ people create 6-figure incomes

  • Has helped 100's of people make extra $ part time

  • Brand and following across 8 platforms reaching 100K+ followers

  • Public speaker, host of "COBcast" podcast, Community leader, Philanthropist, Investor and CEO of Come Out Better

Meet Patrick Ready

In 2011, I sensed something was off in the world. Many seemed trapped in a system beyond their control.

Driven by frustration, I delved into understanding the Matrix, learning ways to navigate it and help people live life on their terms. After exploring self-sustainability and organic farming, I realized everything around us supports our growth if we perceive it that way. It's about not getting too attached to existing structures and building our own power.

With over 7 years of experience, I simplify complex ideas, making them accessible for everyone. My goal is to empower you, so you can confidently shape your reality. We, the Matrix Hackers, are here to bring about World Peace

  • Has helped onboard 300+ into cryptocurrency

  • Full time crypto investor and trader for the last 5 years

  • Has helped 100's of people make extra $ with crypto

  • Multiple IG accounts (150K, 130K, 50K, 30K followers)

  • High level 1 on 1 consultant with bigger investors


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you are


Curious about cyrptocurrency

an opportunist in the world

looking for another income stream

Ready for change in your life

Want to be ahead of the shift

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Want to start buying crypto


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